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  • Port terminations: ISO-QF
  • Clear housing: See through design allows quick visual check on condition of media and amount of trapped or neutralized contaminants. The clear housing maximizes utility of "outside-in" flow design.
  • Rechargeable housing: Allows in-situ vacuum gasket servicing and media replacement.
  • Port labels: Installation orientation is critical for this "outside-in" trap design. "Inlet" and "Pump" are clearly identified on the product labeling.
  • Media: Caustic soda (for hydrous acid neutralization), activated alumina, or activated charcoal.
  Ref Number   A (Approx.)   Filter Media   Connection   List Price      
  VVRI-1000-QF16-CS   7.0   CAUSTIC SODA   QF16   $290.00 (Each)    
  VVRI-1000-QF25-CS   7.2   CAUSTIC SODA   QF25   $290.00 (Each)    
  VVRI-1000-QF16-A   7.0   ACTIVATED ALUMINA   QF16   $290.00 (Each)    
  VVRI-1000-QF25-A   7.2   ACTIVATED ALUMINA   QF25   $290.00 (Each)    
  VVRI-1000-QF16-O   7.0   ACTIVATED CHARCOAL   QF16   $290.00 (Each)    
  VVRI-1000-QF25-O   7.2   ACTIVATED CHARCOAL   QF25   $290.00 (Each)    
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