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  • Port terminations: Tube end
  • Electropolished wetted surfaces: facilitates cleaning and servicing, promotes system cleanliness, and deflects heat to minimize frequency of media change-outs.
  • Clear, loose fitting lid: See through design allows a quick check on condition of cold media. Loose fitting lid provides a simple vent for sublimating carbon dioxide and prevents "unsafe" pressure build up.
  • Clear view ring: See through design allows a quick visual check on condition of cold surface. visually determine when cold surface needs to be cleaned due to ice bridges and pump lubricant deposition.
  • Media: Use dry ice and isopropanol slurry for maximum cold trapping effect
  Ref Number   A Housing Diameter   B Body Height   C OAL   D   Connection   Trapping Media   List Price      
  VSDI-800-050   7.88   9.00   10.50   10.84   1/2" TUBE PORTS   DRY-ICE   $625.00 (Each)    
  VSDI-800-075   7.88   9.00   10.50   10.84   3/4" TUBE PORTS   DRY-ICE   $630.00 (Each)    
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