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  • Hex-head bolt is manufactured from stainless steel or silver-plated stainless steel
  • Hardware (nut and washer)is manufactured from stainless steel
  • For use with clearance bolt hole CF flanges
  • Silver-plating prevents galling of bolt and nut after exposure to high temperatures
  Ref Number   Photo   Style   Use with Flange   List Price      
  133-BK   A   Stand   CF133   $11.00 (Each)    
  212-BK   A   Standard   CF212   $14.00 (Each)    
  275-BK   A   Standard   CF275   $14.00 (Each)    
  338-BK   A   Standard   CF338   $19.00 (Each)    
  450-BK   A   Standard   CF450   $22.00 (Each)    
  462-BK   A   Standard   CF462   $27.00 (Each)    
  600-BK   A   Standard   CF600   $27.00 (Each)    
  675-BK   A   Standard   CF675   $27.00 (Each)    
  800-BK   A   Standard   CF800   $27.00 (Each)    
  1000-BK   A   Standard   CF1000   $28.00 (Each)    
  1200-BK   A   Standard   CF1200   $40.00 (Each)    
  1325-BK   A   Standard   CF1325   $40.00 (Each)    
  1400-BK   A   Standard   CF1400   $40.00 (Each)    
  1450-BK   A   Standard   CF1450   $48.00 (Each)    
  1650-BK   A   Standard   CF1650   $55.00 (Each)    
  133-BK-S   B   Silver-plated   CF133   $28.00 (Each)    
  1325-BK-S   B   Silver-plated   CF1325   $65.00 (Each)    
  1400-BK-S   B   Silver-plated   CF1400   $65.00 (Each)    
  1450-BK-S   B   Silver-plated   CF1450   $70.00 (Each)    
  1650-BK-S   B   Silver-plated   CF1650   $75.00 (Each)    
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