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ASA (ANSI) flanges provide a complete range of fittings to mount with tubing sized 1” up to 12” diameter. The ASA/ANSI flange system consists of two flanges, an elastomeric o-ring seal (sealing ring) and bolt fasteners to compress the seal between the two flanges. A pair of ASA/ANSI flanges must have one grooved flange to accept the sealing ring and one smooth face flange onto which the seal will be made. To ease system assembly, rotatable flanges are available for bolt hole alignment.

A&N offers a complete line of flanges, fittings, valves, traps, and accessories with ASA/ANSI connections that can be used to create a complete vacuum system or pumping line.

ASA/ANSI flanges are often used in vacuum systems that experience intermittent positive pressures (under 150 psi).

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