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Poppet valves are elastomer sealed and are therefore designed for high vacuum service. Poppet valves are produced in three body styles: 90° Angle, In-Line, and Offset In-Line. Port terminations are available in ISO-LF/QF, CF, and Tube End. Principles of Operation & Construction: Poppet valves are made up of a body, actuator and internal poppet. The (manual or pneumatic) actuator transports the poppet linearly. When the poppet is moved toward the top of the valve the internal body cavity is open to the system and flow is unimpeded (maximum conductance). Once the actuator moves the poppet to the bottom of the valve an elastomer sealing ring is compressed onto the sealing surface of the lower body of the valve. This action creates a vacuum tight seal and stops the flow.

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