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Molecular Sieve Vacuum Traps

  • Trapping media: Molecular Sieve (SYNTHETIC ZEOLITE)

  • System protection from pump oil backstreaming

  • Pump protection from water

  • 2-stage trapping system

    • Stage 1: stainless steel baffle - extends the life of the media

    • Stage 2: adsorbent media

  • Electropolished body: eases cleaning and reduces iron concentration on trap surfaces; increases corrosion resistance

  • Rechargeable media - refresh saturated synthetic zeolite by baking with the included heater element or replace with fresh synthetic zeolite

  • ISO-QF connection (contact technical sales for other connection options)


The VSMI series foreline trap provides a rechargeable and regenerable shield within your vacuum system. These traps can protect your system from backstreaming pump oil and/or your pump from water created upstream within your system. The design of the Vacu-Shield Molecular Sieve traps includes a heating element that allows the trapping media to be refreshed once the synthetic zeolite has become saturated with water. The VSRC traps have an in-line port design for easy installation and a simple threaded fill port design to facilitate synthetic zeolite recharge.

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