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Replacement Media

To find the appropriate media for you trap, choose the type of trap you have from the list above. If you are unsure what model trap you have, find the alphanumeric reference number on the trap body and match the first four letters with the list of letters below.

VSRC: A Rechargeable Trap that uses either copper, stainless steel, activated alumina, or activated charcoal as a trapping media.

VSMI: A Molecular Sieve Trap that uses synthetic zeolite as a trapping media.

VVRI: Our Vacu-View Filter that uses either caustic soda, activated alumina, or activated charcoal as a filtering media.

VSPC: A Coaxial Particulate Filter that uses an industrial paper filter as a filtering media.

VSPI: An Inline Particulate Filter that uses a polyester particulate filter as a filtering media.

VSHE: A Hermetic Exhaust Filter that uses a borosilicate microfiber as a filtering media.

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